We are well aware that it is necessary to reformulate our patterns of behaviour and follow criteria of responsibility and respect towards the natural cycles of our planet. Our sustainability plan is aimed at minimizing our carbon footprint as much as possible and at preserving the unique nature of our surroundings.

We would like to count on your cooperation in order to face this necessary change of paradigm together, so that we may enjoy our planet in a more responsible way for many years to come. There are many small daily actions that allow us to take great steps towards sustainability, such as turning off the air conditioning when we leave our acommodation (our equipments are designed to achieve the desired room temperature in just a few minutes), managing our water consumption responsibly or asking for towels to be washed only when necessary. Thank you kindly for your participation.

Here follows a summary of some of the actions included in our Sustainability Plan:

I_Substituting Plastics

Eliminating plastic bottles and substituting complimentary, bar and restaurant bottles with glass ones, as well as using aluminium ones for those at the pool. Using paper drinking straws.



Installing containers to separate and recycle waste in all suites and villas. Adequately managing all of the waste generated on the complex (separated into organic, paper, glass, plastic, etc.). Compostable capsules for the coffee machines.



Cleaning products purchased in bulk.


IV_Sustainable mobility

Free electric bicycles for our clientes. Recharging points for electric vehicles.



Recycled paper or with FSC or PEFC certification in the office and reception. Recycled paper rolls and paper napkins or with FSC or PEFC certification in the restaurant and kitchen.


VI_Compensating our carbon footprint

By contributing to the Posidonia Project initiative.



Solar panels for hot water production. Low consumption lighting throughout the establishment. Air conditioning with sensors for open windows and doors and card removal during cleaning shifts.
Paraíso de los Pinos, S.A. has installed 50.45 kWp photovoltaic panels on the roof of the hotel. This project has been financed by the European Union - NextGenerationEU, in the NEXTG Self-consumption and storage line for companies (programmes 1, 2, 3).


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